1. How does the Plane Crazy Button Club work?

We offer two main services. The main service is a monthly subscription which will include three 1.25" pin backed buttons shown on our home page and a 5" x 3.5" sticker that follows the month's theme. Each pack also includes a mystery button. The theme of the month will be released on the first of every month. PCBC also offers individual sale of the themed pin back buttons and stickers, but they will only be added to the store at the end of the month.

2. How will I pay for the monthly subscription?

If you choose to subscribe to our monthly button packs, then you will be charged for your first package on the day you subscribe. In the months following your credit card will be charged automatically on the 12th of every month of your subscription period. There is no additional action you need to take after you order your subscription. One time purchases of both the monthly box and the individual buttons and stickers will be processed on the day of purchase.

3. When do I receive my items?

Monthly subscription packages will be mailed on the 22nd of every month as well as one time purchase boxes. If you sign up for a subscription anytime after the 12th, it will be the 22nd of the following month before your first box ships (i.e. if you place your order on October 1st, your box will ship October 22nd.  If you order October 13th, your first box will ship November 22nd).The individual sale items will typically ship within five business days. All orders are shipped via USPS ground shipping. We also ship internationally.